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Gerard J Del Colle,

Born 11/08/1953 


Dating back to early childhood, Gerard intuited his innate talents and artistic gifts. Drawing his earliest inspirations from the faces of the TV guides,  superhero comic books, and Walt Disney characters,Gerard spent countless hours recreating elements of these fictional worlds, unaware of the breadth of his natural talent, nor the greater purpose this talent would serve.

Having little interest in academics, Gerard preferred using his pencil and paper to create pictorial passageways transforming his ordinary existence into an extraordinary purpose.  In High school Gerard, redirected his energy into playing sports and practicing martial arts starting at age 16. This marked the beginning of his unusual artistic and spiritual journey. 


Spirituality is gained through the practice of the martial arts. Gerard achieved the rank of grand master in the martial arts. He was also inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame at the age of 50, an incredible achievement but just one step in a journey that continues through his paintings.  Upon  completing his journey as a grand master, Gerard  returned to his original vocation: but this time heeding the calling to pick up paintbrushes instead of  pencils. His first painting infused the canvas with a narrative that exuded an ethereal quality.  Gerard recalls his first piece: a black and white painting of two women in a field. He described feeling divine inspiration holding several brushes between his fingers of his left hand while painting with his right.  From that moment, Gerard knew that his purpose was clearly defined.


Drawing upon his tireless work in the martial arts Gerard acquired acute sensory functions that allowed him to perceive the energy flows within any given environment.  As such, Gerard understands and works in accordance with universal laws to bring light energy to each painting he creates.  A Gerard DelColle painting does more than look beautiful; it encapsulates the successes and failures of the human experience in pursuit of consciousness using not only visual stimulus but also temporal and spiritual properties to create new paradigms.  His work condenses the plight of humanity through the lens of emotion vs emotional intelligence; physical vs metaphysical; past vs present; or any other dichotomy that creates the illusion of separation. Each painting speaks differently to those who are fortunate enough to come in contact with them.

Gerard's work has organically evolved into powerful prophetic campaigns based on a variety of subject matter and application techniques.


Over 200 paintings are hanging in corporations, private collections , private galleries, universities, hospitals, and celebrity homes.  Gerard has received countless letters expressing sincere gratitude, acknowledging how the artwork has brought joy, healing, and peace to their owners.


Listed below are just a few of the places that own a Gerard Del Colle original:

Ed Loew (direct descendant of the Loew's Theaters founders)
United States Postal Service
New York Children's School for The Blind
Fred and Irene Einstein
Dan and Trudy Regan (Trudy Regan was the  art curator of the Whitney Museum for 25 years)
Newman Center at Princeton University
Library at NJIT
Jerrys Art Supplies
3 months showing at The Paterson Museum
Historic Home of Carl Baccaro
Lena Digangi Galley
Mona Lisa Gallery
Hunterdon Foundation
De Frank Horse farm
Our Lady OF the Lake
Partner at Kings Street hedge fund Mr. Jay and Debra Ryan
Director of Bronx Zoo
Sonnys Restraunt
Dr M Chumer
Dr J Suri
Professor A Rumando
American Red Cross
911 donation
Sal Lasipo metal works
John Farwell wall street partner
Speed and Fitness Gym
Cancer Fund Rasier
Dipao Bakery
Jane Goodall foundation
Kaslander and sons

Gerard's work has been well received and is anxiously anticipated.  Now that he has fully committed himself to the creation of healing works, he aspires to have his one of a kind pieces housed all over the world  in both public and private settings.  He wants the masses to benefit from his message and its healing vibration in everyday life  in a manner that can appeal to all persons universally.  

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